RFX best practices and questionnaire template for enterprise issuers

When choosing a card platform provider, the last thing you want is to spend money, time, and effort and still end up locked in with a vendor and system that don’t deliver what you need for your payments business.

We put together this practical guide to share the best practices on SaaS RFP and RFI processes, applicable across enterprises in the financial services domain. You can find concrete steps on building an RFX questionnaire so that you can choose a vendor that understands your needs and grows with your business.

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Download this guide to create a modern RFP or RFI and discover...

  • How you can optimise your RFX process and grow with the right vendor.

  • The 10 best practices for a winning RFX.

  • How you can convert your strategic goals into RFX questions.

  • How you can complement your RFX with the relevant questions on solution functionality.